Astrid Tatumpe Vice Sulawesi North In The Election Puteri Indonesia

Astrid Tatumpe become as vice Sulawesi North in the Election Puteri Indonesia 2010. Masters student Sam Law, University of Ratulangi it hope can succes again like as Angelina Sondakh in 2001.

But when Miss Indonesia North Sulawesi 2009 Anastasia Run-tunuwu give her crown, her confidence returned.

In her mind, have imagined the event the final night of Miss Indonesia 2010, which will be held on 8 October. "Now I am sure I can follow in the footsteps Angelina Sondakh.

She's one of my motivators for displaying the best in the event the noodles. I want it the name of North Sulawesi, not only nationally but also internationally, " she said then smiled.

By pursuing her dream, the girl born in Manado, August 25, 1987 that, while willing to forget her dream became a lecturer of law. Today.

Astrid registered as a student of Master of Law, University of Sam Ratulangi. "From the beginning I want to be a lecturer in order to divide their time between work and family later on. In addition, by becoming a lecturer, I also could be a blessing to others," she said.