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Flower Girls

Flower girls add much glee to a wedding entourage. While these little girls look so adorable down the aisle, these little girls usher the way of the brides with flower petals. These little girls deserve the best dress for the wedding day. Walking down the aisle as a flower girl can be a great experience your daughter may share with other members of the family.

Traditional flower girls are carrying flowers which would signify good luck to the newlyweds. A flourishing love shall nurture the future family of the couple and flower girls bring in the prosperity into the couple's married life.

This cute little should have a dress that would be a stunner just like the blushing bride's wedding gown. Choosing the best little girl's dress for your wedding day can be a challenging task to face. There are a lot of designs and options which you can choose from but picking out the best among the rest is quite difficult.
Little girl dresses should complement the entire theme and motif of the wedding. In choosing the best dress for your flower girls, there are specific things which you should take into consideration. You should be creative and imaginative to make your little flower miss beam with pride as they usher your way into the altar.

In choosing the dress you must consider the style, color and fabric as well as the formality of the occasion. Your little girls should complement the wedding gown and should blend well with the outfit of the entire entourage.

As a bride to be, you must always choose the best on this once in a lifetime occasion. Your closest friends and families are all present on your wedding day. Thus you should prepare to make this wedding extra special. Here are several tips to ponder on how to glam up your flower bearer's gown on your wedding day

Attract Girls

Learning how to attract girls becomes easy when you finally grasp how attraction works with women. Attracting girls can simply be taught like any other skill and requires basic understanding of the female psychology. Most men don't have that understanding since they have created false beliefs about girls and have been taught the wrong things about attracting girls throughout their lives.

Remember how your mother used to tell you to be nice to girls? Or how your buddies tried to impress girls and so you thought these were the best ways to attract a girl and interact with girls? Maybe it worked when you were little, but the more you got older and kept applying the same techniques to attract girls they seemed to backfire. You've never made it past the point of rejection and were never able to figure out how to get a girls phone number so you ended up feeling frustrated and confused. I want to shake you and make you snap out of it, because you're making it way to hard for yourself.

Attracting girls really shouldn't be that hard at all. Now that you know that being the nice guy and trying to impress women is not the right way to interact with women, I want to teach you some techniques to attract girls that actually do work. It's okay if right now you're not getting how stop being a nice guy can be a good thing and can add up to your success with women, but I'm sure you've had times that you scratched your head and wondered why girls always fall for bad guys.

Women say they want a nice guy, but most of the time they end up with a bad boy. Truth is, most women think they want a nice guy, but respond to something very different in a man. They certainly don't fall for bad guys because they want to be treated bad but are most likely attracted to some personality traits that a bad guy possesses, such as being exciting, fun and challenging.

Learning how to attract girls is a very counterintuitive process in itself. Women and men few dating in different ways and tapping into these little female secrets can be a huge advantage for you. To attract girls you have to attain some of these traits that I've mentioned above and make them your own. Here are a few ways to attract a girl and some traits that most women find attractive in men.

The Flower Girl

The flower girl is the bride's ambassador! While petite in size, she has a significant role in the wedding, walking down the aisle, dropping petals, preparing the way for the entrance of the bride.

Tradition holds that a girl carrying flowers should bring extra good luck to the marriage. After the bride, the flower girl is the member of the bridal party most capable of stealing the hearts of all the guests. In choosing the flower girl dress, consider the style, colour, fabric and formality of the occasion. The flower girl should not outshine the bride, but complement her gown while blending with the bridesmaids' outfits.

Although bridal styles change from season to season, flower girl fashion has changed very little. The gown is always classically "little princess" in style but in keeping with the style of ceremony - church wedding, beach wedding or garden wedding.

A flower girl's gown should complement the bride. It can be bridal white or ivory, the same colour as the bridesmaid's gowns, or a contrasting colour that complements the outfits of the entire party. If white is chosen for the flower girl’s gown, a colour sash may be used to tie it in with the colour of the bridesmaid's gowns.

"Pattaya Virgin." Girls in Pattaya Thailand

While it's hardly fair to describe the girls in Pattaya as being unique in that they are mostly Thai girls, it can be fairly said that there is a uniqueness about them that is challenging to define.

To truly get a handle on what the girls in Pattaya are really about, it's necessary to carry out some research into the background and culture of these delectable creatures to fully comprehend why they do the things they do, and to be able to deal with the oft times tragic and other times hilarious behavior they often display.

If you are new to or are planning your first trip to Thailand, be well advised to do bit of digging around for at least some information on the girls in Pattaya and in Thailand overall before you take the plunge.

My memory takes me back to my first trip to Thailand ten years ago, as an incompetent, bumbling and extremely naïve "Pattaya Virgin."

I was the typical middle aged "farang" (foreigner) who was just surfacing after a particularly harrowing and debilitating break up with my western wife of fifteen years. I guess I was seeking some sort of consolation and understanding in the arms of whoever was willing to listen.

While there are many of the girls in Pattaya who are more than capable of providing me with what I sought, my lack of education about these beautiful and at times little she demons, almost had me plunging headlong back into the murky pit of despair I was trying so hard to climb out of.

Fortunately I was traveling with a couple of "Pattaya Wise" friends who were well versed in the wiles of the bar girls in Pattaya and who were just able to grab my heels in time before I started falling hopelessly in love with almost every bar girl in Pattaya my hungry, ogling and somewhat lustful gaze fell upon.

Before venturing into Thailand it's imperative to be aware that Thailand is a nation whose culture is vastly different from that of the West. It is for ninety percent of the populace, steeped in Tao Buddhism and many things we of the west might consider strange or abhorrent are not only accepted in Thailand but are indeed the norm.

Strong and Healthy Women


There can be hope for the girl child in terms of a bright future if we can tackle one of the greatest challenges of human existence i.e. the challenge of gender discrimination and bias. Only gender equality with total women empowerment can ensure a safe and secure future for the girl. When women are healthy, educated and free to take the opportunities of life, they prosper. When women prosper in life the family in turn flourishes and flourishing families with assertive women in charge ensure bright future for the baby girl.

Hope for the girl child: The necessity of strong and healthy women


Children who are the future wealth of a nation can flourish and thrive only when women in the family and the society are healthy, educated and independent in terms of making informed choices about their life. But the situation is far from ideal. Women are facing extreme hardships and marginalization because of gender based discrimination and bias. They are subjected to innumerable forms of violence and hardships.

Majority of Women in large parts of the world are weak and are subjected to a life which is totally dependent on others. She faces domestic violence, falls in the trap of commercial sexual exploitation and faces the brunt of harmful traditional practices such as early marriage, premature pregnancy, female genital mutilation etc. The negative consequences of all this is faced by the baby girl. The practice of girl child feticide, infanticide, low enrollment into education, abuse and a life of misery and deprivation is what that is in offering for the girl child when women are weak and they are not able to take care of their children.

The Best Girl

Michael: I'm really impressing Janet. I've told her all about myself-the amount of wealth I have, the places I have been, the people I know, the kind of house I live. She must be dying to date me!

Janet: why is Michael disturbing me for God sake? I wish the ground could open and swallow me up! Can't he take a hint? How can I end this conversation without being rude?

YES, you're old enough to date. You'd like to find someone who is attractive and who shares your feelings. In the past, though, each time you felt as though you crashed and burnt.

If you'd like to get to know a girl better, what factors do you need to consider? And what principles would you do well to remember?

Before you decide to pursuit a particular girl, there are some basic skills you need to master, and these will help you to be friend of anyone. Consider the following.

Maintain your personal hygiene. Good hygiene shows respect not only for others but also for you. If you respect yourself, others are more likely to respect you. On the other hand, if you let your hygiene slide, you'll sabotage your efforts to impress a girl.

WHAT GIRLS SAY: "One boy who was interested in me had really bad breath. I just couldn't get past that."-Mabel, 23.

Cultivate good manners. Good manners show that you are matured. However, good manners aren't like a suit you wear to impress others but take off when you get home. Ask yourself, 'do I display good manners when dealing with my family members?' If not, then it will seem force when you do so while interacting with others outside your home. Remember, to find out the type of person you really are, a discerning girl will look at the way you treat members of your family.

Girls are Very Beautiful

What is so special of the North East girls? We need to find out the motives of the Delhi people or other Indian's mindset that leads to frequent eve-teasing, molestation and rape of our girls?

"North East girls are very beautiful", said one of the Editors of a premier fashion and modeling magazine based in National Capital Region (NCR). "Their skins are flawless...they are little angels, we need new faces from these regions." I got this remark while working for a Fashion magazine as Executive Editor. Today, I am quoting his words in the backdrop of the recent molestation and harassment of North East girls by their landlord.

The tragic incident in the early hours of December 13, 2008 where the landlord knocked at the door of a rented room at Sikandrapur, DLF Phase-I in Gurgaon is another crime meted out to our girls in Delhi and its adjoining areas. The two girls had come to Gurgaon on December 11 in search of a suitable job. In the very week of the International Human Rights Day, our girls are humiliated and discriminated. And the law of the country is protecting the culprits, as usual.

According to a reliable source from the New Delhi-based North East Support Centre and Helpline (NESCH), the two girls were sleeping when at around 2.30 a.m. on December 13, their landlord knocked the door. The girls had suspected his attention and refused to open their door. The consequences was not good, he repeatedly barged the door, abusing them for the delay in letting him in. Frightened and hapless, the girls had pleaded for mercy. They even requested to meet them in the morning. The landlord was adamant to sneak into their room. The girls tried to call SOS of Police, which did not work out. Later they raised an alarm for a Manipuri friend, who also stays in the same locality. When they came to rescue the girls, the landlord and his gangs had beaten them and chased away. Thereafter, the two girls were tortured, abused, and molested. They were confined to secluded room and even threatened to rape them. All their belongings were looted- money, cloths and camera.

The event should not be taken lightly. We should pledge this one to be the last incidence of crime against our girls. We need to unite and come together to protect ourselves. Integrity and unity is the answer now. The north east states of India are divided into different communities and sub-castes, may be 500 groups (both officially and non officials). These fragmentation and division make us weak and powerless in any issues. Our road to solidarity is often a failure. We are unable to punish culprits in the earlier molestations or rape cases. This encourages the offenders to continue their exploitations and tortures our girls from time to time. They have taken undue advantages of the internal differences and clashes among us. Collectively, we should have a powerful voice soon!

North East girls are the most beautiful female in India. Their looks are so innocent, pure and symbol of truth and sincerity. They always respect the elders, addressing - bhaiya, uncleji, auntyji etc. This makes them extraordinary from other girls. However, they have been harassed, abused and discriminated every day. They are the cynosure of soring eyes. No one spares them - shopkeepers, auto rickshaw drivers and bus conductors. The people from mainland forget to realize these girls have travelled 4000 kilometers from their home to study and work.

There are also girls from other states of India. And not a single report of rape, molestation or eve-teasing against the girls from Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Bihar. However, we heard of raping and molesting foreign tourists from countries like Germany, France, Japan, China and other South Asian countries in Rajasthan, Goa or Delhi. Can we compare our girls with these foreigners? Is this the reason for sexually abusing NE girls? Are we alien here in India or some refugees from foreign countries? If they regard us as foreigner, then our struggle for a separate country is legitimate and politically acceptable? If it is a fact, then the Central government should proclaimed to the world that North Eastern states were never a part of India. Otherwise, they should protect and take necessary actions to save our integrity and community from further exploitations in Delhi or other Indian cities.

What are those physical structures in our girls that are a subject of sexual abuses and crimes? Do they have more curves than those North Indian girls, fetish or more hot (often a term used by North Indian man to describe a woman). Are our girls used to reveal their assets or body more than Bipasha, Mallika Sherawat or Rakhi Sawant? Does our girls dressed tight tops, jeans, and deep cut blouses? No one would ever find any of our girls in such wardrobe mismanagement. The people of Manipur have already designed 32 different kinds of dresses during 12th century A.D. At that time, Indians were still uncertain of what to wear and how to dress sensibly. Then it is injustice on the part of Delhi authorities to impose a dress code for the NE girls only. Instead they should dictate strict rules on Delhi's landlord, Paying Guest owners and police personals to protect and care our girls. The mainstream media should stop representing stereotype image of our girls as easily available for party, enjoyment and sex.

We also need to know why the Biharis (people from Bihar) owners and managers of small private company always search for NE girls as their Personal Secretaries or Receptionists or sales girls in shopping malls. Why the fashion photographers wants models or new face from our region for bold, inner wears or compromising photo shoots? Why so many beauty parlors recruit our innocent girls? Why we have started a so called live-in culture in rented rooms, misguiding to our landlords as brother-sister relationship. Why so many MMS scandals are uploaded online which depicts immoral acts of our own girls and boys? And why our parents and guardians do not think twice to question what type of jobs their daughters are doing - part time, freelance or full time? We need to critically analyze these unsolved myths, if we want to protect further crimes on our community.